5 reasons why you should use the amazing build monitor!

Hello everyone,

Here in Incredibuild we’re always here to help and make the most out of your builds! but did you know you can do that as well? with our build monitor you can drill down to your build errors, analyze and optimize your build - so you’ll get the best acceleration possible!

here are our top 5 reasons why you should give it a try :wink:

1. Clear task visualization - sometimes looking at a raw output, especially when time pressed can be tedious. with the progress display you can locate errors/warnings and specific tasks much faster. every tasks color represent it’s state and the file’s type. helping you locate exactly what you’re looking for much faster and by clicking the colored bar you will be given more information about the task current state.

2. Accessible system parameters view - while our build is running, we want to stay in check with our system parameters - with the system graph option you can choose exactly which parameters are relevant for your exact build and display them during the build or analyze them after the build is finished. find your most cpu consuming time of build or monitor how well your tasks are being distributed at a specific point in time.

3. Fast Output display navigation - while we drill down in the sea of output it’s best we do it as fast and efficiently as possible our navigation features allow you to create a bookmark on a specific line and navigate between them, move between error and warning messages specifically and auto scroll showing conveniently output for the last files built.

4. Easily identify errors, bottlenecks and gaps in your project - with the entire build visualize you can easily identify bottlenecks in your project, tasks with long duration and even unnecessary dependencies - you can optimise your build with ease and improve your project along the way.

5. Organized output by project - to get even more clear on your Visual studio builds you have the option to view all the information based on your project - with the project display you can distinguish which task in the build belong to which project - all projects are colored based on the overall project tasks state during the build.

Please feel free to look for more information about our build monitor through these links:

  1. Official build monitor documentation
  2. Our latest webinar with Yoni - explaining how to optimize your performance using the build monitor

and of course we’re always here to help!
Happy building! :blush:


What you see is what you build
What an important feature


What a great topic! Thank you for this awesome write-up, @Kate!

A great supplement to this article is the most recent LevelUp webinar where @Yoni walks through using Build Monitor to optimize performance: Webinar: Optimizing Performance with Build Monitor

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