[9.6.0] Tasks execution is impeded due to low agent responsiveness [

This message is happening a ton since updating to 9.6.0, 1100 times for one of my users. It always seems to be linked to one user’s machine. They are saying it’s not affecting build times much at all. Thoughts on the cause when nothing has changed but the upgrade? Troubleshooting tips?

Hey Mario,

The meaning of this message is that the Initiator machine decided to terminate the connection to the remote Helper since it couldnt reach the Helper Service. This is of course a temporary termination and the Initiator should try again later.
The reason you started to see this warning in V9.6.0 is because we decided to surface up this message so users will be able to see it more clearly so we will know how many are experiencing it. In other words, its been there all along but you werent exposed to it.

This behavior is related to our Helper process which simply cant notify the Initiator that it is still running. It can happen due to high load on the Helper but also due to other reasons such as high cache size (32GB and higher), failure of the Helper to maintain the cache, etc
it is not entirely true that you wont see an impact since in some cases those warnings results in less remote core utilization so in order to be sure of the impact, I suggest that you will open a support ticket (support@incredibuild.com) and attach a build monitor so our guys can analyze it.

Please note that there is a light in the end of the tunnel since we are working hard to solve all the scenarios that can cause such behavior and I believe that a version containing a fix should be ready early in Q1 2022 (not final but those are our estimations)

Let me know if you have further questions :wink: