Accelerating additional tools with Incredibuild

I am using Incredibuild for accelerating my VS builds. Can Incredibuild also accelerate more custom tools - such as home grown Make tool that we have developed?


Hi Yoni,

Yes, in general you can use Incredibuild to accelerate homegrown or 3d party tools since Incredibuild is a tool- agnostic engine.

Usually all you need in order to get started is to use our “Dev Tools” interface about which you can read here - DevTools Solution ( .
For a Make-Like tool I’d recommend looking at the Automatic interception interface of our “Dev Tools” solution. Using Automatic Interception Interfaces (

The long and short of it is - you’ll need to create an xml file to configure Incredibuild which processes should run in which context (local or remote), as well as wrap your command line in an Incredibuild one. If you have a grid already setup and connected - you should then be good to go.


Thanks Victorg! I will definitely give it a try :wink:

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