An Anonymous customer journey from On-prem to scale-up to the cloud

An Anonymous customer journey from On-prem to scale-up to the cloud
In 2021 while working with a customer and trying to fulfill their developmental goals, a need was raised for scalability and cost-efficiency during our technical meetings.

The main goal was to reduce hardware and infrastructure costs and lessen the resource burden that was increasing on an annual basis (e.g. manually managing all IT infrastructure).
A follow-up analysis of all the needs and requirements showed that one of the options to help meet these goals was the Incredibuild Cloud solution with options to provide the most cost-effective compute-power machines with cloud optimization such as Autoscale & Auto fallback solutions.
In the Enterprise industry, cloud adoption is a strategic move that requires careful and meticulous planning.
The plan we created together included:
• Establishing Goals and Milestones
• POC (product evaluation and product trial)
• Post Adoption monitoring

After a successful POC that highlighted benefits such as Scalability and Cost Efficiency, the decision for full adoption and a scale-up from on-prem to Incredibuild Cloud was made.

After a few weeks in production with Incredibuild Cloud, the customer reported:
• Faster build time and ability to increase development productivity
• Minimized cloud cost and optimized resources

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