[Available Now] Incredibuild Cloud version 2022.1 with support for GCP and more!

Hello Incredibuild cloud lovers,

I am proud to announce the first of our quarterly releases is now available, and it’s monumental!

NOTE: Starting with this version our numbering convention will follow industry standard and will go according to “year . month”

What’s new

  • Incredibuild Cloud now integrates with GCP in addition to AWS and Azure.
  • AWS now supports up to 10 types of VMs to use as fallbacks to make it nearly impossible to exhaust the supply of amazon machines.
  • We streamlined the required permissions for AWS and Azure to minimize our access to your accounts in order to address security concerns.
  • Improvements to the user management and login process to improve security.

Awesome news! Thank you for sharing.

Great updates! Thanks Israel :slight_smile: