Building tools on Linux


I am trying to map Build and Test Tools that are exists for Linux for my info and usage.

  • Make and its flavors, such as CMake and qmake
  • Ninja
  • Bazel
  • SCons
  • WAF
  • b2
  • Jam
  • BJam
  • Android NDK

any other recommended tools ?


Jenkins is the obvious one missing here


correct you are right i missed that

Most of what we I have been seeing lately in the build system area, revolves around Cmake, Make, Ninja, Soong and Bitbake.

With regards to test tools - you would probably find many built with Gtest or cppunit but these are not standalone tools but rather frameworks to build your unit test tools.

If you want some awesome reference have a look at the great post by @avilachmish - Consider using known tools on your C++ project - General Discussion - Incredibuilders

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