C++ Riddle - a poem on two conditions - June-27, 2022

Today’s riddle is a bit poetic, try finding the two that we speak about:

One is a condition. The other is too.
But while there’s an implicit move on return from the first,
if you return the other ‘as is’ you will get a “miscue”.
Who are the two?
Please explain and give us a walkthrough!

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I think ‘One’ is ternary operation since its a condition and the only kind that has return value (I’m concluding the data is being “moved”).

as for ‘Two’ I assume its just a regular condition (‘if’) , which has no return value hence
returning an ‘if’ will result in a “miscue”

Hi @BrunoBuzaglo, Welcome!

You are in the right direction, a code example can nail it - would you like to try?