Cloud adoption trends and what is new in IB for Cloud

Hello everyone, My name is Israel Rogoza, Incredibuild Cloud Product Manager,

In the last couple of months, we have noticed a significant rise in cloud adoption and advances in plans to migrate to the cloud.

Without a doubt, the pandemic played a pivotal role in driving cloud adoption. And after a few bumps, most organizations realized working from home did not necessarily mean a loss in productivity.

What people love about the cloud are agility and flexibility. What they do not love is - bill shock. Here is where Incredibuild shines (through the clouds) - get maximum dev acceleration while lowering cloud cost using auto-scale and leveraging spot instances.

In our latest release we added the following 2 killer features:

A new section in the settings will allow you to schedule execution time

Cloud machines wake up:
The 1st option of scheduling is adding the ability to wake up your Cloud Machines pool. For those of you how are not familiar with the Cloud Pool, in IB for Cloud, to avoid wait time (3-8 min) of each machine creation process, you can set a number of machines that while they are not needed are in a “Stopped” status. Once a workload is executed, IB for Cloud will wake up the machines (1-3 min), saving precious time.

From version 1.2 we have an Open API for this, however, customers requested we add UI for customers who can predict the “Rush hour” and want to make sure the Cloud helpers are up and waiting to help accelerate workloads.

From time to time, we must update the Cloud machines OS, as we do not want to interrupt while the Cloud machines are accelerating the workload. We have created an option to schedule when IB for Cloud should update the Cloud Machines. This feature can be especially useful for Financial Institutions who are ordered by the regulators to delete all cloud machines once in period and create new ones.

Round up for AWS
IB for Cloud will wait for a complete hour before turning the machine down to accommodate to spot instances cost by the hour to AWS.

When using Windows machines on AWS, you pay for a complete hour from the 1st minute. IB for Cloud will know to wait 55 min before he turns the machine down.

For example:
Customer executes a workload, needing 1 cloud helper, the helper is up for 20 min, and then since there is no other workload, IB for Cloud will shut it down 5 min later. When the user executes another workload, IB for Cloud will create a new Cloud helper, in this case, the customer will pay for 2 machines. From 1.8, since we will keep the 1st machine alive until the 55th min, the customer will only pay for 1 machine.

While the machine is up and Idle, the IB for Cloud counter will stop till the helper helps to accelerate a workload.

The bread and butter of Incredibuild is the ability to reduce waiting time and accelerate your workloads, but as the world moves forward to the Cloud, we at Incredibuild are also working on other features that will allow you to increase your Dev cycle and not your IT Cost. In the upcoming versions, we will add more Cloud cost optimization, making sure you are following the regulations and tools to make sure you avoid any bill shock.