CoreCpp <local> 2021 is coming

The Core C++ conference is a month away!

As one of the organizers I’m a bit biased… yet I can definitely say, it is going to be a great event with high level talks and an opportunity to mingle, in-person, after long time behind the screen.

The conference is planned this time to be a local conference (in Tel-Aviv) without attendees or speakers from abroad, due to Covid travel restrictions. Nevertheless, we would still have an on-line session by Bjarne Stroustrup: “Thriving in a crowded and changing world: C++ 2006-2020”.

Sessions would be recorded so if you cannot join, just wait for the recordings which would be published shortly after the conference.


This is awesome! Do you know if any of it will be streamed or recorded?

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Yes, it is planned to be recorded.
Of course, not the same experience as being there, but still good enough for those who can’t join.


Who dat?
Team of Incredibuilders!
Who’s in Tel Aviv today?

@Assaf.cohen @avishay.mano @avilachmish

Our very own @avilachmish giving a talk at CoreCpp on Writing C++ Cache Friendly Code.
Great talk Avi! :clap: :clap:

Watch out soon for some additional posts on the conference.

Great pics! Keep them coming, and please share the recordings as soon as they are available.