Customer Success Engagement

I am a technical customer success manager at Incredibuild and today I would like to share my experience with one of my enterprise customers which for me was an amazing engagement and provided high value for both sides. The customer was about to roll out their developer-initiated and CI-based Windows and Linux builds to production. To better assist them with this effort, we conducted a 2-day onsite session which included:

  1. Production readiness meeting – to review overall readiness aspects (availability, security system administration, etc.)
  2. Alignment on roles and responsibilities nominating leaders from both sides
  3. Training for the developers and administrators including hands-on demonstrations
  4. Roadmap and features discussions
  5. Workload/environment review
  6. Open forum for technical questions related to the current and future build configurations
    The session was conducted on-site and remotely among 2 sites along with our product management which joined to some of the sessions.
    Of great interest was Incredibuild Cloud as the team is focused on scaling in the most economic and elastic way possible.
    A key factor to making this a successful engagement was the customer’s desire to work together to identify and achieve all of their requirements.
    This was a fantastic experience, and I hope for more opportunities to work this closely with additional customers to ensure smooth and effective deployments and to continue to build strong relationships with everyone.
    Our Enterprise CSM is ready to engage with all enterprise customer who wish to have on-site training, planning sessions.

Thanks Tomer for sharing your engagement info’

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Awesome, Tomer! So glad you were able to work onsite together