Featured Incredibuilder - Uval Raz - Oct 2021

He writes Yuval without a Y, geeks over syntax, knows how to customize an emoji to fit any occasion, and has been doing marketing for nearly a decade. Give it up for our Brand Manager, Uval Raz

Describe your role at Incredibuild in 1 sentence:
I am both the brand police station and an initiator of a variety of activities that establish it as a cool, knowledgeable, communal, important part of the software development industry.

What’s your No. 1 pro tip for marketers?
Know. Your. Customer. It’s my first position marketing for developers and DevOps. They are a totally different animal than the rest of us. If I hadn’t invested heavily in researching their objectives, interests, content channels, I would have missed the mark.

Why Incredibuild?
Apart from reporting to 1 of my 3 all-time-favorite bosses, I also enjoy working in a company that has all the perks of a 20-year-old organization alongside the creative freedom and ownership only young startups allow.

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Uval is so awesome!!!

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