Fernando Ghedin - Intro

Hi everyone!
I’ve personally used Incredibuild for about 4-5 years; I’m now managing a couple of software development teams in Brazil who are (happily) using it for a long time.
It’s nice to be part of a community of Incredibuilders :wink:


Welcome to the community! :sunglasses: :tada: :star2: :muscle: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil:

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Welcome!!! Great to you have you here :smiley:

Welcome aboard! What company do you work at?

Hi! Thank you! I work at Audaces (www.audaces.com) - we develop solutions for the fashion industry for nearly 30 years.

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Amazing! 2 of my biggest loves - fashion and tech :slight_smile:

Welcome Fernando! Happy you are here.

Hello Fernando :wave:

Good to see you here! :brazil: