How do you use the Coordinator? (win a $100 GC)

We would also love to get some feedback from you:

  1. What is the main metric you track to ensure Incredibuild works as expected?
  2. Tell us about decisions you make based on the coordinator monitor view.

Add your responses here, or send to me at and automatically be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card…just in time for the holidays!

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Usually, it’s to determine how many workers are connected and which ones… it’s kind of a black box to know why certain workers are chosen to help and why only x out of y are helping, so usually, when we pull up the coordinator it’s to stress test and see if there is anything we can do to redistribute helpers or determine why someone has none.


Great feedback @garminmario !

There is still time for others to get their feedback submitted as well. We will draw the winner on Dec 1. Reply here, or send it to me in email

There isn’t some single metric we track today; in the past we used to run network connectivity tests periodically to detect and handle network-related issues in advanced. Such problem became rarer over time so today we only use it if we get complains.
We do use the incredibuild coordinator for management, mostly of the following:

  • version update - even if the update is pushed automatically to all agents, it usually requires the user to approve (devs like to keep VS open…). So after pushing a new update we email everyone to explain the importance of updating, and check back the next day to see if there are still non-updated agents
  • onboarding/offboarding license management - making sure licenses are allocated for new employees (when relevant) and removed from people who are leaving
  • checking items marked in red - e.g. file cache size, disk space, etc, and handling accordingly

Thank you everyone for the forum and email replies. We spun the wheel and the winner of the $100 Amazon gift card is @garminmario !!! I sent a DM to you to get your info. Thank you to everyone who responded, and congratulations to @garminmario !!!

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