How does Incredibuild fit int your existing multi-agent Jenkins/[insert your favorite CI here] infrastructure?

For a while now, we have been coming across a similar question from both new and existing customers, who are aiming to streamline their existing DevOps build pipelines:

Q: If I already have multiple Jenkins agents connected to my main server, what is the point of having Incredibuild in that setup?

The answer is simple – while Jenkins allows you to utilize your Jenkins Agents in parallel, it allows you to do so only for multiple builds that are being launched, on a “one build per agent” basis.


While this is a very good way to avoid congestion and build queues in general, an important issue remains unaddressed in this case – the single build duration.

The build duration in this case is capped by the HW capabilities of your Jenkins Agent, and while you can somewhat alleviate this problem by using beefier agents for the longer builds, this solution is still limited by the agents you have at your disposal, and their overall capacity.

What Incredibuild does in this case, is to connect all the agents in a transparent computing grid, in a way that the idle agents could help with the longer builds assigned to other agents:


In case that your CI is working 24/7, you can even connect your developer boxes to contribute their Idle CPU times, or optionally to scale to Incredibuild cloud for the extra oomph on each of your builds:


This setup has a few benefits:

  • First and foremost, Faster builds, and Devops turnaround time.
  • Maximizing the utilization of your existing infrastructure, avoiding HW costs.
  • The setup also works in reverse allowing developers to have just as fast builds on their boxes, further reducing load on CI Agents

The setup works on almost any combination of Cloud + On prem with minimal effort on the Devops department side since machines can be scaled up and down automatically on demand by Incredibuild depending on current workload.

I would love to hear your stories of how you are using Incredibuild in your Devops Setup, and answer any questions you might have on optimal deployments.