Mario @ Garmin (Garmin Pay focus)

Oh hi. I’m a Business Analyst and make sure the teams working on Garmin Pay that are using ICB are happy and the service stays running. I’m actually not a user myself.

Hats I wear: Agile Couch, Employee Engagement, Retrospective Game Master, Product Owner, Process Guru, Roadmunk Master.
Fun fact: I’m 1-0 in knife fights.



Welcome to the forum Mario! Glad to hear you’re undefeated in knife fights :sweat_smile:

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Hello Mario, and welcome! :wave:

As long as the Garmin Pay team is happy, then we are happy! :slightly_smiling_face:
If you need anything, we’re here to help

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Hello Mario and Welcome :grinning:
My name is Tomer Bar-David and and i am the Technical Garmin success manager.
i am working closely with Garmin team @ Olathe and Cochrane.

Nice to meet you .



I’m in the Boulder, CO USA office :slight_smile:


Welcome! I was just in Colorado last week (it was really smoky), and I will be back next month. Feel free to invite the rest of the team to the forum with the same details you used to join. :tada: :sunglasses: :sparkles: :star2: :wave:

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