Q&A - December 2021

Question: As an admin of the Incredibuild product in our organization, I noticed that some developers are disabling the agents on their local computers, removing them from being the grid. Can I somehow control this and make sure all developer machines participate?
Answer: As we are aware of this scenario in Incredibuild, we developed a special option to control this from the coordinator monitor to specific agents. Simply change in bulk mode by choosing all agents and selecting the option “Allow Enable/Disable as Helper.” This will gray out the option from user point of view and enable helper participation in the grid.

Question: In our grid we have several Helper machines that are dedicated to Incredibuild usage. However, those machines are not always the first to be assigned when executing a build. There are cases where some other Helper machines (which are less powerful) are being assigned to the build instead. In there any way to force Incredibuild to prefer specific Helpers over others?
Answer: Incredibuild has several priority mechanisms to provide the most flexible control of your grid. One option is in the Coordinator Monitor. Simply right click on the relevant Helper machine (you can select multiple Helpers using the ctrl key) and select “Assignment Priority.” This option controls how “important” this Helper is. Increasing this priority will force it to participate in more builds.

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TIL about Assignment Priority. Thanks!

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