Q&A - January 2022

Question : As part of the build monitor results, we are getting messages with warnings that are less important from our side. Is there a way to disable some of the warnings to help us focus more on the important messages?

Answer : sure, in the Incredibuild Agent setting you can control which messages you want to display as part of the warnings details messages.

Agent setting > Build Monitor > warnings > warnings Messages.

Also note that you have 2 more options to customize according to your build needs:

  • Display Automatic Recovery Messages
  • Enable Messages Tab Blinking Effect


Question : In the Build Monitor, which indicators do you advise me to track?

Answer :

  • Connectivity issues and Bandwidth issues (tracking Ethernet) to ensure you have strong and consistent connectivity.

  • Distribution issues (tracking Ready Tasks and Active Tasks) to make sure what is available for distribution and what is being distributed.

You can learn more at: Build performance tweaks - Monitoring your Build Monitor - Incredibuild

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Thanks Jim, this is very helpful!

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