Q&A - October 2021

Q: Is there a way to control the number of cores Incredibuild is on my machine?
A: Yes, there are several ways! When you start a build, you can instruct Incredibuild to avoid the usage of the local machine as much as possible and by that, ease the load on the local machine. Alternatively, you can explicitly instruct Incredibuild how many cores it can use when it acts as Helper and as an Initiator. Both options are available under Agent Settings.

Q: I love your build monitor since it provides a great overview of the build. Is there also a way that it can show the acceleration potential we have?
A: Sure – the build monitor graph area that can be enabled from the “View” menu provides an elaborate information about your acceleration potential. Select the “Ready Tasks” and “Active Tasks”. The “Ready Tasks” shows how many tasks are currently ready for execution and the “Active Tasks” shows how many of those are actually being executed. If the “Ready Tasks” is significantly higher than the “Active Tasks” it means that you have additional acceleration potential.

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