Scaling to the Public Cloud with Incredibuild

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the public Cloud is here to stay. No single event has accelerated digital transformation for businesses like COVID-19. The corporate push to the Public Cloud comes with reducing or removing on-premises resources, and a change in business thinking must go with it.

From the perspective of business, the Public Cloud provides many benefits, Faster time to market, on-demand deployment, and eliminating data centers, backup generators, diesel deliveries, hardware replacement cycles, etc. The bad is the meter and egress charges for systems and data, respectively. IT teams must pivot from managing data centers to managing consumption costs.

The world of C++ software development is not immune to this shift to the public Cloud. Here at Incredibuild, we are regularly asked by our customer development teams how can we accelerate our software build process with help from the public Cloud?

When using public cloud resources, it is crucial to understand the cost-benefit of each cloud resource, to prevent cost runaway. Luckily for C/C++ developers, Incredibuild via Incredicloud can leverage “spot” instances. A spot instance leverages additional compute capacity on a short-term basis in the public cloud data center for 50-70% less than the standard price.

Do you have a build that would benefit from the infinite scale of the Public Cloud? Has management mandated a move to Public Cloud for all new builds? Incredibuild can help with automated tools that take the guesswork out of maximizing your public cloud resources.


Great article! Thank you for sharing @mtartaro !


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The fact that you have the ability to spin up and down spot instances automatically is priceless - literally!


Thanks for sharing this Matt! Was super interesting.