Stuart Lovegrove - Intro

Hi All,

I’m Stuart, Founder and Director of Engineering of Firesprite Ltd. ( a game development company in the northwest of UK. Founded in 2012, we are a growing company focussing on console development. We’ve been using Incredibuild since 2012/2013 (I forget!) in the development of our games distribution our code compilation and data formats.

Personally, I’ve been in the games industry for over 21 years now, working for various companies including Software Creations, EA, Acclaim and Sony over the years.




Hi Stuart!
Great to see you here! :sunglasses:

Welcome Stuart! Great to have you in our community :partying_face:

Welcome, Stuart!!!:wave::tada::sunglasses::video_game::video_game::video_game::uk:

Welcome to the forum Stuart, great to see a long time Incredibuild user.
Would love to hear about your experiences with Incredibuild over the years.

Welcome Stuart! Enjoy your stay :sunglasses:

@drlove Hi Stuart! I hope that the build cache feature worked out just fine for you, send us a message about your experience via Teams.

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