Yocto Support is coming to an Incredibuild Linux installation near you

Hey folks,

Due to popular demand, we have started work on support accelerating Yocto builds.

So far things look good with a build of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) a Yocto open-source project managed by the Linux foundation, reducing in build time from a base of 190 Minutes to 90 Minutes only (x2.1 acceleration) on a 16 Core AWS compute instance.
This is an early stage and we have plans to add optimizations to get that ratio even higher.
Larger codebases can expect better acceleration ratio out of the box once we release official support.

We are looking forward to everyone’s input about Yocto - Build lengths, Initiator Sizes how common rebuilds are made, whether local mirror Repos for sync are used, and everything else about the ecosystem you might want to share.

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Exciting news!! Thanks Victor :pray: